Desso. The DNA of the athlete, for over 30 years.

Desso Sports is a synthetic turf division of Tarkett Sports, part of the Tarkett Group which has been producing hi-tech, safe, sustainable, and inspiring flooring solutions for over 130 years. Our passion for the game, built into Desso Sports Systems’ genes, has helped us remain ahead of the pack in pioneering artificial turf developments for 30 years. Desso has succeeded in building a solid international reputation for itself as a reliable partner that is not afraid of developing new ideas, time and again.


Desso Sports Systems has already installed over 55 million square metres of pitches worldwide, at leading clubs as well as in municipal sport parks. We look back with pride on the many milestones and innovations of the past years, which constitute the foundation for our future ambitions and innovations. Desso sports has provided turf systems to top clubs over the years, such as Chelsea FC, Manchester City FC, Swansea FC, West Bromwich Albion FC, Burnley FC, Blackburn Rovers FC, Real Madrid FC and Villareal FC amongst others.

Desso sports offers a full range of long pile, 3G systems suitable for a range of sports including football, rugby and GAA as well as hockey, tennis and padel. Our systems are the result of decades of innovation and product development, ensuring outstanding levels of player comfort and the highest possible technical performance. Our long pile range comes with a variety of infill and shockpad combinations.


    • Fiber is produced with a quality focus on Polymer, Process and Geometry (PPG)
    • Triangle-shaped monofilament fiber for proper playability and resilience
    • 5 built-in ridges strategically placed for added durability
    • Exceptionally resilient and soft fiber that has been designed to provide excellent long-term durability
    • Proven XM infill and backing for player safety and comfort – excellent drainage characteristics
    • Extensive quality control process*
synthetic turf manufacturing


Desso Sports Systems is the first artificial grass supplier in the world that works according to the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy. In that context, Desso has signed an agreement with EPEA and has made a commitment to eco effectiveness and eco efficiency. Our aim: in addition to making the best artificial turf pitches, to also make the best artificial turf pitches for people and the environment. In concrete terms: by 2020, to have all of our artificial turf systems be 100% Cradle to Cradle®.


Cradle to Cradle® is a new approach to sustainable entrepreneurship (circular economy). The C2C concept: “waste is food”.

Aim: reuse all of the materials used in one product to make something else after the end of the product life. Without compromising on quality.

How: through an infinite cycle of biological and technological raw materials. Industrial process are reinvented to reduce energy consumption, water use, CO2 emissions and waste as much as possible.

cradle to cradle diagram