Our versatile sand filled slit-film fiber system offers a highly durable solution. This system is suitable for a range of sporting and leisure applications and is fully FIH and ITF certified for hockey, tennis and multi-use applications. The proprietary fiber technology delivers a durable and long lasting system with market leading UV stability and player comfort properties.

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Desso synthetic turf systems for multi-sport facilities

Bringing years of continuous innovation and research & development, to deliver market-leading, quality pitches and having worked with some of the biggest clubs and players in the game, Desso systems offer the highest levels of durability, player-ball interaction, player-surface interaction, resilience and performance.

Special Features

  • Highly durable slit film technology
  • Multi-use versatile system
  • Suitable for a range of sporting and leisure applications
  • FIH and ITF certified systems
  • Excellent longevity
  • Exceptional UV stability
  • Natural appearance thanks to special production method

Desso systems to suit your community needs

Below are the products we recommend specifically for multi-sport use…

In our world, dedication equates to perfection.

Our team of experts has finely tuned our systems to deliver multi use functionality, resulting in a synthetic turf system that sets the stage for optimal performances and game-changing moments. Our products are engineered to the highest standards, ensuring the best quality systems using a variety of base construction technologies and infill types.

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iQ3 40mm

The iQ3 System has been developed using a unique diamond-profile fiber design for great resilience. iQ3 was created with strict adherence to the 3 pillars of fiber development – Polymer, Process and Geometry (PPG). The resulting, exceptionally resilient and soft monofilament fiber gives added durability and resilience so your field can perform at its optimum level. The iQ3 40mm has a dual FIFA Quality and FIH Multi Sport Class 3 classification


    • Ridged diamond profile for enhanced durability
    • Extremely resilient fiber
    • Superb natural-grass aesthetic
    • Proprietary polymer technology
    • Certified for dual use football/hockey usage



Desso’s Trophy Smart sand-dressed system is an excellent all round surface suitable for a wide range of sports including hockey, tennis, netball, football ideal for colleges, universities and schools. Trophy Smart is accredited to tennis category 5, AENA level 3 & 4 Netball and FIH National 1 Hockey. The surface offers enhanced non-directional ball roll and speed for hockey and football, excellent ball-surface interaction for tennis and traction for netball.


    • Specially engineered multi-ply polyethylene texturised monofilament
    • Enhanced ball-surface interaction
    • World class precision-extrusion technology
    • Low abrasion qualities
    • ITF, FIH & AENA Accredited Surface



Desso’s Optimal XT is a 20mm or 23mm durable slit film sand-filled system which offers a highly durable solution for a wide range of sports ideal for community clubs and schools. The system is fully ITF certified for Tennis and FIH accredited to national hockey standard, with proprietary fiber technology which delivers a durable and long lasting system with market leading UV stability and player comfort properties.


    • Superior ball-surface interaction
    • Highly Durable and resilient polyethylene fiber
    • Market-leading durability and softness
    • Range of court colours available